India’s Laws Explained

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    We help you understand the law,
    so you can seek justice

    We don't provide legal advice but we want to help you understand the law by explaining what rights are given to people, what the law expects of people, companies, the government, police etc and pointing out what steps people can take to use the law to their advantage and protect themselves. We strive to explain the law without bias and simplify the law's perspective on religion, caste, gender, socio-economic status, education and location. A lot of times the perspective of the law may sometimes sit not so well with our readers, but we hope this will encourage them to take an active part in the law-making and democratic processes to change what they think is unfair.
    We are aware of the range of factors that affect access to information - the ability to access the internet, use it to find us and the ability to read and understand English at this level are some of the privileges we recognize you, our reader posses. We are working hard to expand our readership into other languages, offline access as well as our speed and deliverability. Even the smallest impact we have helping someone understand the laws that affect them and navigate the legal system is a big step towards solving some of the problems inflicting the legal system.