About Us

Today, information on laws is difficult to access. The language is complex, and economic and language barriers pose special challenges. There is no single resource aimed at the citizen, that publishes every law and explains what they mean in an accessible user-friendly format.
Nyaaya’s mission is to demystify India’s laws.
To fulfill this mission, we are building:
  • India’s first free online repository of every central and state law.
  • Explained in simple English.
  • With interactive guides and visualisations, to get people to the right legal answer.
This, we believe, will serve three key needs:
Know your rights

Knowledge of the law is a significant form of power. Increasing access to laws and rights empowers people.

Navigate the law

Helping the non-lawyer who knows she has to solve a legal issue, but doesn’t know where to start.

Talk to the expert

Laws are complicated and people need lawyers for most issues. Nyaaya will provide basic legal information that helps in supplementing expert assistance.



Nyaaya is made possible with generous support and inspiration from Rohini Nilekani. It is incubated at the Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy.



Worked at Vidhi Centre, McKinsey. Studied at Columbia & NLSIU. Srijoni wants to make new connections between law, technology and the non-profit space in India. She will bore you to death on all three, given half a chance.

Worked at Myntra, InfoEdge. Studied at IIT Kharagpur. Kunal wants to work on making technology more open and accessible. He has learnt more about laws in 3 months than he wanted to in a lifetime.

Nidhisha Philip
Content Lead

Worked at S&R Associates. Studied at NLSIU. Nidhisha is interested in learning how technology can be used to better access to legal systems and open the path for inclusive citizen participation.

Sumeysh Srivastava
Outreach Lead

Worked at Centre for Social Justice. Studied at Symbiosis. Sumeysh identifies himself as a social justice lawyer and believes that making laws easier to understand acts as a game-changer in helping people understand their legal rights and duties.

Ashish Tandi
Software Engineer

Worked at NCETIS. Studied at IIT Bombay. Ashish is a promoter of the Semantic Web and Open Data Technologies. He wants to make legal data more accessible through the adoption of Semantic Web standards.