From the point of view of a victim

Has someone committed a crime against you?

If you are the victim of any crime, you have the right to report the crime to the authorities. This can be done either by registering an FIR with the police or going to the Judicial Magistrate and filing a complaint.

What happens once I report a crime?

Once a crime has been reported, the police usually investigate. If you have gone to the Magistrate, he can make inquiries on his own or direct the police.

The case has gone to court. What happens now?

Once the police file a chargesheet, the Magistrate looks at it to see if there is an actual case. He then sends it to the correct court for trial.

Can I expect any compensation?

If the accused person is found innocent there is usually no compensation. If he is found guilty and fined, you may get compensation but it is not ordered very frequently.

Are there any special measures for women and children?

A number of changes have been made recently to the law on how victims of crimes like rape, child sexual abuse, etc. should be treated by police, doctors and courts.