The High Courts (Seals) Act, 1950 ACT NO. 7 OF 1950 AN ACT TO PROVIDE FOR THE USE OF SEALS OF COMMON FORM AND DESIGN BY THE HIGH [ 27th February, 1950.]
BE it enacted by Parliament as follows:-

1. Short title. This Act may be called the High Courts (Seals)

Act, 1950.

2. Seals of High Courts.

(1) Every High Court in a State] shall have and use, as occasion may arise, a seal bearing a device and impression of the Asoka Capital within an exergue or label surrounding the same, with the following inscriptions at convenient places, namely," THE SEAL OF THE HIGH COURT AT (or OF).................. followed by the name of the seat of the High Court or the name of the State, as the case may be, and" Satyameva Jayate" in Devanagari script. (2) Every Court of the Judicial Commissioner for a union territory] shall have and use, as occasion may arise, a seal similar to the seal of a High Court in a State, but with the first inscription reading" THE SEAL OF THE JUDICIAL COMMISSIONER' S COURT FOR.................... followed by the name of the Union territory]. (3) The provisions of this Act shall supersede any provision contrary thereto or inconsistent therewith contained in any Letters Patent, Order, direction or other law relating to the use of seals by High Courts.

3. Repeal of Ordinance 13 of 1950. Rep. by the Repealing and

Amending Act, 1957 (36 of 1957), s. 2 and Sch. I.