The Indian Tolls Act, 1888 ACT NO. 8 OF 1888 [ 5th September, 1888.] An Act to remove doubts as to the legality of the levy of certain Tolls. WHEREAS doubts have been raised as to the operation of the Acts of the Governor General in Council, No. VIII of 1851 (an Act for enabling Government to levy Tolls on Public Roads and Bridges) and No. XV of 1864 (an Act to amend Act VIII of 1851); It is hereby enacted as follows:--

1. Enforcement of Acts VIII of 1851 and XV of 1864 in the Punjab.

Act VIII of 1851 and XV of 1864 shall be deemed to be in force throughout the territories now administered by the Lieutenant- Governor of the Punjab, and from the twenty- first day of August, 1857, and the twenty- fourth day of March, 1864, respectively, to have been in force in the territories for the time being administered as part of the Punjab as it existed immediately before the 1st November, 1956].

2. Operation of the Act in the Punjab and certain other parts of the States.

(1) In any part of India] beyond the limits of the territories administered by the Governor of Fort St. George in Council, and the Lieutenant- Governors of Bengal and the North- Western Provinces, to or in which Acts VIII of 1851 and XV of 1864 may be or have been extended, or may be or have been declared to be in force, under the latter of those Acts or by this Act or by or under any other enactment, the State Government shall be deemed to have and, where the Acts have been in force the passing of this Act, to have had the same authority as if it had been included among the State Governments specified in section 2 of Act VIII of 1851.

3. Validation of past levy of tolls. All tolls levied, or purporting to have been levied, under Acts VIII of 1851 and XV of


, or either of those Acts, before the passing of this Act, shall be deemed to have been lawfully levied.

4. Saving. Nothing in the foregoing sections shall affect any proceedings commenced in any Civil Court before the first day of July,

5. Amendment of section 2, Act VIII, 1851. Rep. by the A. O.